Trueform launches new dining table – Zen Wood Dining Table

We have been toying with many table concepts and we felt that the Zen Dining Table design has such a simple and non categorized look that it can be placed into just about any setting without it influencing or compromising the overall design of the room.  Choosing a thicker wood profile for the frame and legs was important to give the grain the ability to show some character.  We think it’s important for the customer to see the beauty of both natural wood grain concrete together.  Both materials are imperfect and have a natural flow to their coloring and appearance.

Concrete Table Top and Wood Base

Zen Wood Dining Table

We decided to cast the concrete table top at a 2”thick profile because it was half the visual weight of the leg thickness and would be a good proportion to accent such a thick leg.  The design intention for this product is that you should be able to place this dining table in a stark contemporary setting, or in a rustic French country room, and not have it throw off the theme.  The dining table has a 10”overhang on the long end sides to ensure that the person dining at the ends gets a comfortable amount of leg and eating space.  The table comes in 12 different sizes making it possible to fit into just about any space.  An 8 color palette allows the customer to customize the concrete table top portion of the dining table.  And keep in mind that concrete allow for endless customization, so if there is a color that you need to have, we can create custom colors to match swatches and fabrics.

Dining Table for the dining room or kitchen

Zen Wood Dining Table

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