Sink and Shower Bench – Concrete sink and floating shower bench

We just installed an interesting sink and shower project in Long Island NY.  The designers of this project are from the Ways2Design.  The initial idea was to create a thick vanity top with an integral sink that would drop down and become the shower seat.  The vanity base cabinet was set 6” below finished height so the concrete was made 6” thick and sat at about 34” to the finished height.   For the sink shape, the Vallum sink (20” x 13” x 5”) was chosen to keep that modern look.


Concrete sink and shower bench


concrete sink by Trueform Concrete

As the countertop ran across the vanity base it was fabricated to make a 14” drop down the right side to meet the floating shower bench.   The floating shower bench support was created by using our stainless steel Floating Sink Brackets.  The Floating Sink Brackets were mounted into the studs before the sheetrock and tile was put in and protruded out to give the shower bench adequate support as it ran across the shower wall.  The apron on the front of the shower bench hid the Brackets and continued that thick look across the bench.  I situations like this there are several ways to support floating concrete products and many times we will also use tube steel from wall to wall.  It’s important to remember that the concrete is usually only 1” to ¾” thick, so there is not that much weight being dispersed to the brackets or tubing.  In fact, most of our precast concrete products are considered “Light Weight Concrete” and are much lighter than any other natural or engineered stones.

The color for this project was Storm in our Classic Finish.

Sink and Shower Bench

Sink and Floating Shower Bench

Sink and shower bench

sink and floating shower bench

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