Rustic Modern Sink Design

If you are at all following the design trends of today, you will notice that there is a huge interest in locally sourced and reclaimed materials.  Designers and architects are sourcing unique artisan products for all aspects of both the commercial and residential remodel and construction projects.  Specifying local vendors for projects has a multitude of positive benefits: Rather than outsourcing the production of these products overseas, this encourages local business to create jobs, spend money locally, and create local employment opportunities for a multitude of services.  This refocus on artisan products encourages the continuance of hand made American products.

What types of materials are being used?  Websites like and are two leaders in the DIY and artisan approach to fabricating custom products.  Lot’s of attention has been put on utilizing and repurposing building materials such as reclaimed lumber, bricks, flooring, steel and old machinery parts.  It’s truly a mix of new and old materials, and the result is not always what one would expect.  Commingled products like this are not destined to only end up in rustic lodge homes; they are intended to make design statements in any space they are placed.  These sinks, table, and furniture pieces are transcending the standard design categories and creating new looks.

A common and unassuming material that has found a niche in this new approach of mixed materials is concrete.  Almost always being though of a construction material, concrete has continued to surprise us with its diverse use in applications.  The Outland Concrete Sink by Trueform Concrete is a prefect example of the collaboration of three staple building materials: wood – steel – concrete.  This concrete sink can find a home in a variety of design settings from modern and contemporary to a Montana rustic ranch.  For this particular piece, the appeal may lie in the contradiction of the clean and crisp concrete to the rustic wood and steel.

The Outland 36 Novo Concrete Sink is a collage of wood and steel that creates a Rustic Urban style. This sink unit is perfect for commercial or residential bathroom project looking to pull in some raw textures.  See this concrete sink on

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