Is your restaurant bathroom gross?

You’ve always heard that a restaurant’s bathroom is a tell tale sign of what the kitchen looks like.  So why are so many restaurant bathrooms dated, dirty, handy-man specials? Think about how many times you have eaten in an expensive restaurant and upon entering their restroom were blown away by how disgusting it was.  Where is the class, creativity and cleanliness for these publicly used rooms?  Obviously putting together and maintaining an amazing restroom is typically not on the priority list of a restaurant owner that is more concerned with putting out great food and service. However, the negative impact that this may have on your business is something to take very seriously.  Your business can’t afford for a customer to have an amazing dinner with excellent service yet feel terrified when they enter your restroom.  You customer will connect the dots and immediately assume that your kitchen is unsanitary and therefore the food must not be safe.  Even if your restroom is clean, ask a woman her thoughts after getting in a bathroom stall with no hook for her purse, a broken toilet, cracked tile, and peeling paint and washing her hands in a hackneyed porcelain ADA sink, what she thinks.  A bad experience in the restroom could completely alter your perception of the establishment and destroy the possibility of a return visit.

Be proactive and take some time to evaluate your facility’s restrooms and be honest with yourself.  Does your restroom gross you out?  If you can’t be objective about your own business, than ask someone else that will be honest with you to help.  If hiring a professional designer isn’t in the budget, take advantage of websites like and for inspiring designs, color and tile options.  Through the power of the Internet and a plethora of remodeling and design shows on television, people are paying more attention to the details and good design.  Substandard, poor quality products from big box hardware stores will only lead to the need to remodel again in the near future.  Setting yourself apart from your competitors with some higher quality, unique products will add to the overall dining experience at your facility and generate a buzz.

Explore unique ADA concrete bathroom sinks and other wall mounted sinks that make a statement and get your customers talking about your restaurant.  Here are some unique Trueform Concrete ADA sinks that are sure to make an impact.

ADA Restroom Sink by Trueform Concrete

Floating Concrete sink by Trueform Concrete

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