Floating Sink – Commercial ADA Floating Sinks

Floating sinks are becoming more popular in commercial and residential bathrooms.  You would typically only find a concrete sink in some high profile restaurant or club, but now they are surfacing in designs all over.  A floating sink can be made in just about any shape, length, color and style.  Floating sinks are typically supported by floating sink brackets mounted to sides, or by tube steel running the length of the sink and supporting it from under.  Concrete sinks can be altered to provide the ADA requirements that public bathroom spaces require.  To meet ADA requirements the thickness and sink set backs and clearances will always need to be in taken into consideration to meet these codes.  In residential applications where ADA is not applicable, you have the freedom to be as creative and you want.

Floating Sink

This is a floating sink in NYC produced by Trueform Concrete.

The above sink picture shows a recent commercial bathroom in Downtown NYC where we fabricated a 40″ floating sink for both the Men’s and Woman’s bathrooms.  A custom 65″ trough sink was created for the main bathroom.  The job site was not ready for a nice finished picture, so we took the best we could to show the large sink casting.  All of the three concrete sinks were cast in the color Cobblestone in the Classic Concrete Finish.  The sinks were supported with a large tube steel bar that sat recessed under the integral aprons.  The side walls and back wall all had wall cleats to add extra support.  Getting these into the elevator was a real fun and breathtaking experience, but going through some pain to create a beautiful project is always worth it!

Floating Sink

This is a floating sink by Trueform Concrete

Floating Sink

This is a 65″ floating sink by Trueform Concrete

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