Floating Concrete Sinks – Bathroom Sinks

We recently cast two floating concrete sinks for a bathroom in south Jersey.  Because of our extensive color library, we were able to use an older color sample from a past job and match it up to the client’s tile perfectly.  Color matching is one of those unique specialties that concrete has and at any given time we are creating custom color samples for clients.   At  the client meeting in our showroom, we provided our client with two steel sink brackets as well as mounting instructions for the contractor.  Once the brackets were in the wall, construction could continue right around the brackets.  For the concrete sinks, the client chose model B3 20″ x 12″ x 5″ rectangle sink.  When we came for installation, the  brackets were protruding out of finished tile wall completely level and spaced properly, which made our job easy.  We used adhesive caulk to adhere the concrete sinks to the wall and brackets.  To finish it off we ran a clean bead of caulk around the perimeter of the  sink to prevent water from dripping behind the sink.  The final product was two beautiful floating concrete sinks.

Concrete Sink - Trueform Concrete

Concrete Sink – Trueform Concrete

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