Custom wood grain fireplace surround – Concrete fireplace surround

This project was a custom floor to ceiling Concrete Fireplace Surround in Long Island New York.  The client was looking for a noncombustible material that could be used around the fireplace and still have some wood grain characteristics.  Concrete was a perfect application for this project because it is noncombustible and it can pick up very fine detail like wood grain.  With a little testing in became apparent that traditional wood forming would not work in this application.  The solution came with using rubber as the casting surface because casting concrete panels directly onto real wood shows too much variation.  Large rubber skins were created and were used for the concrete casting surfaces.  The fireplace had a huge surround  that projected 10″ from the firebox.  The large wall panels and the outside and inside walls of the surround had wood grain textures in them while the face of the surround face and the floor hearth did not.  This gave the fireplace surround some character and highlighted the difference between the grain and clean panels..  Rabbets channels were cast into the panels to create the arrangement and had the added bonus of hiding panel seam lines.  The outcome to this project was an amazing centerpiece to the main entrance of this beautiful New York Home.

Concrete Fireplace Surround

This is a concrete fireplace surround by Trueform Concrete.

NY Concrete fireplace surround

NY Concrete fireplace surround detail shot

Template for fireplace surround


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