Custom Concrete Sink – NY Custom Sink by Trueform Concrete

Our shop is casting concrete sinks day in and day out.  Some sinks are super custom and are made to order while others are ordered semi-custom directly from our online store.  Sometimes clients come to us with ideas for sinks that overtime, and with some modification, become part of our semi-custom sink line.  I think we may have found a new contender for the line!  We recently fabricated a custom concrete sink on a floating vanity base that offers lots of sink room and maintains a classy appearance.  This sink is a rectangle shape where both sides pitch slightly toward the center.  In the center of the sink the water falls into a 1/2″ track that converts to a drain assembly.  This sink is clean,slick, and will work for any style home.  The drain receives a 3/8″ stainless steel bar that covers the hole but allows the water to flow right by it.   this sink will be made to fit onto a stand alone vanity base as well as a floating version.

Custom Concrete Sink

Custom Concrete Sink by Trueform Concrete

Custom concrete sink

Custom concrete sink

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