Concrete Table – Custom Concrete Table and Steel base

Each day I walk the shop and peek at the production going on and I remember seeing this table in the shop.  Not only was it big, but it was a really nice cast as well.  There was just enough movement in the surface to make it interesting and beacause it was a signature piece, it had even more contrast in in surface color.  When the base was complete, I knew this was going to be a beautiful dining table setup.  The steel base had a really unique rainbow patina on the legs, which pulls out some really deep reds and other warm tones.  That steel finish is difficult to pull off well and the steel worker did a fantastic job nailing it.  The room was large so the table really needed to be big enough to no get lost in it.  This dining table was 3.5″ thick to cover the steel frame inside and was 11 feet long.

Concrete Dining Table

This is a concrete dining table with a steel table base by Trueform Concrete.

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