Concrete Sink and Reclaimed Wood Shelf

Wood and concrete have always paired extremely well when being used together to create furniture pieces.  Utilizing reclaimed lumber as focal point in furniture has seen a real surge in the past few years.  Knots, saw marks, old joinery, and mill markings, have all become a desirable look.  Perhaps the days of using select grade lumber are on the back burner.  It appears that the rustic and modern clash of materials has won the hearts of people beyond the design community.  Trueform has found a beautiful combination and balance of materials in their Outland Vanity.  This concrete sink and vanity base showcase the beauty of rustic & rough sawn wood planks, blackened patina steel, and modern refined concrete. The juxtaposition of materials creates a beautiful and functional bathroom vanity set that speaks for itself.

concrete bathroom vanity sink

This is the Outland Bathroom Vanity With Concrete Ramp Sink

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