Concrete Fireplace Surround

Trueform Concrete created a custom concrete fireplace surround for a client’s downstairs remodel. The color Juniper was chosen for the concrete to pick up tones in the clients rug and window drapery. The fireplace was between two wood built-ins and getting the concrete surround to meet flush with all areas of the wood was challenging. A new concrete hearth was laid down replacing and older brick based hearth. The legs and lintel came in a 5 Inches thick. Most of that thickness was recessed along side the built-ins. The thickness gave this concrete fireplace surround some real depth to the fireplace and presences in the room. The concrete mantel caped over the lintel and rested on on the top of both sides of the built-ins. The mantel will act as an area for TV and Electronic devices as well as some decorative items.

Concrete fireplace SurroundConcrete Fireplace Surround

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