Concrete Fireplace – NYC Overlook

Trueform Concrete was asked to fabricate a concrete fireplace surround for Jennifer McGowan of Celtic Interior Design based in Morristown, NJ.  The client’s residence was right on the Hudson river with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.  This gas burning  fireplace surround was prepped for precast concrete wall panels from floor to ceiling and would act as the room’s main focal point.  The designer decided to space out the panels using 3/4 x 3/4 aluminum channel.  The channel would aid in breaking up the large panels into equally spaced sections to create a design element versus just dry seams.  Thirteen concrete wall panels were cast at 3/4″ thick and were equally spaced up the fireplace wall.  One major challenge for this project was ensuring that the concrete side panels were aligned perfectly to the finished wood panels, giving it a clean, consistent line.  This was achieved by being meticulous and paying constant attention to how the side panels butted up to the face panels throughout the entire installation.  In the end, it worked out perfectly and the piece was a beautiful addition to this classy, contemporary space.  Both the designer and the client were thrilled with the results of this amazing concrete fireplace surround!

Concete Fireplace

Concrete Fireplace

Concrete Fireplace Surround

Concrete Fireplace

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