Concrete Farm Sink – Custom Design

Under the direction of Anthony Albert Studios, Trueform Concrete fabricated a custom concrete farm sink (also referred to as an apron sink or farmhouse sink) for a client in Saddle River, NJ.  Anthony Passanante, owner of Anthony Albert Studios in Waldwick, NJ, had a unique design concept for a farm sink that he was unable to achieve with other stone sinks.  Anthony selected a wood carving that he utilized throughout the rest of the kitchen that he wanted to incorporate into the sink.  Once Trueform received the wood relief, they created reverse molds and cast a concrete version of the wood relief.  The relief was prepped, finished, and sent back to Anthony for final approval of the color and finish.  With approval of the sample, final drawings were provided showing exactly how the sink would bow out in the front and where the reliefs would be positioned.  The second rubber mold was created and the farm sink went into production.  When the job-site was ready, Trueform delivered and installed the sink into position.  Granite countertops surrounded the farm sink, creating a beautiful contrast of materials in this traditional kitchen.  Anthony’s vision and understanding of the capabilities of concrete allowed us to create this beautiful one of a kind piece together.  The clients were thrilled with the outcome!

Concrete Farm Sink

Concrete farm sink right out of the mold

Concrete Fam Sink

Concrete farm sink in the finished kitchen

Concrete Farm Sink

Concrete farm sink close up


  1. Suzanne Russell says:

    This is a beautiful sink. My husband and I are looking to put a farm sink into our new home. We are using St. Cecelia granite, oil rubbed bronze faucets, and a dark colored cabinet. Do you have any suggestions for what material to use for the sink? Copper concerns me as far as acidic materials (spaghetti sauce, OJ, etc). What is the average cost of a concrete sink? Any help would be appreciated.

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