Concrete Countertop – Mendham New Jersey

Trueform Concrete recently completed a large scale project at a private Mendham New Jersey residence.  Jim O’Brien Architecture along with the homeowner  decided that concrete would be a prefect material to add to this large basement remodel.  Because of the versatility of concrete this material was used throughout the entire basement.  Concrete was used in the following areas: concrete bar top, concrete fireplace, 2 custom steel & concrete tables, a concrete vanity top and sink a shower threshold, concrete countertop for the wine room, a concrete game table, multiple upper and lower concrete shelves with built in lights, and 2 concrete wall caps.

The concrete shelves were a challenge because they had to be mounted on the top and bottom of the niches.  We also had to accommodate puck lights into the top pieces to project light down into the shelves.  The solution was to cast large scale bolts into the concrete undersides and hang the slabs from the 2×4 framing of the ceilings.  Along with heavy duty glue and cast bolts, the ceiling caps were well secured and provided an unique look instead of using plain Sheetrock or wood.

The concrete bar sat on a custom steel shell that was recessed under the concrete apron edge.  The concrete fireplace was a fun project due to its unconventional design.  The architect wanted to achieve a floating look to this “heavy” material.  He accomplished that by using thick edges along with asymmetry.  The concrete hearth looks as if it is floating and one side of the concrete fireplace surround stops 6″ short of the hearth.

Concrete fireplace surroundConcrete Bar Top

The customer chose our concrete trough sink for the bathroom vanity and tied in the shower saddle with the same material. Coordinating shower shelves and a shower bench were also made. Several wall caps were created to keep the theme flowing throughout the different rooms.  At the base of the wine room waterfall, Trueform fabricated a wine tasting countertop with backsplash.  A stain resistant sealer was chosen for that countertop to aid in protection for any wine rings.

Concete Sink

The architect had Trueform incorporate two Brandner Design custom steel table bases with concrete table tops and one floating curved concrete game table to follow the contour of the wall.  The game table was supported with several steel brackets mounted into the studs.  The 3″ thick apron covered the actual steel work and the countertop was well supported.   One of the steel base pieces was more simplistic with a long 9′ tube steel frame.  The other table was CNC cut in a Gothic styled design and was constructed to allow for a large 3″ thick concrete table top.

Concrete game tableConcrete TableConcrete Table

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