Concrete Countertop Dream Kitchen : Long Island NY

We were recently presented with an extremely challenging concrete countertop project for a Long Island kitchen renovation.  Jo Laurie Design created an amazing kitchen layout which included 3″ thick double islands and a main concrete countertop area that extended into the outside patio.  Both of the concrete island tops had double sided integral waterfall legs.  The main sink countertop area also had a waterfall leg attached to the open countertop side.  The first island was 126″ x 45″ x 3″ and had a 36″ cooktop cutout.  Having dealt with large concrete pieces in the past, we decided it would be a good idea to pre knockout the cooktop corners.  We left the rest of the cutout intact to avoid having a 36″ hole in the middle of an already dangerously large concrete kitchen countertop.  The remainder of the cooktop cutout area was cut and removed once the island top was safely in place.  The second island was 109″ x 45″ with an undermount sink and a 17″ overhung side.  The overhung  side of the island top was supported by a steel bar that ran underneath the island top from the left side cabinet to to the right.  The main sink area countertop had a large 36″ stainless steel undermount sink and many faucet area gadgets.  This concrete countertop extended past the sink area and right outside to become a bar countertop adjacent to the the pool.  Extending the countertop through the window area was a Jo Laurie design element that served as a way to bring “the outside into the kitchen” as well as great way to serve food and drinks.

Two challenges that we hammered through in our initial site visit were the un-levelness of the existing floor and the fact that the job was not being templated.  This project was built off of spec drawings and installed by Trueform Concrete on site.  Both the unlevel floor  and no template option were problematic for the island tops because both waterfall legs were intended to touch down on the floor.  We decided to eliminate the floor variable by lifting the islands about an 1″ off the floor to create a floating slab look.  This ended up creating a beautiful design detail and added another contemporary flare to this kitchen.  Clearances between the concrete island tops were another challenge because they were unknown before arriving to the job site.  We put our trust in the cabinet installation team to hit their marks and be on the money with their measurements.  Navigating the property and getting the islands into the space was made possible with a handy homemade 11 foot cart and some “french concrete roller skates”.  These islands were massive and extremely difficult to move around and manipulate because the legs were part of the top.  One of our biggest challenges was transportation because large size pieces like this have to be well thought out.  Until large pieces like this are safely installed in place, every move, bump, push, and lift could be their last.  In the end Jo and her team designed an amazing contemporary kitchen utilizing concrete countertops.

Kitchen Design by Jo Laurie Design 

Concrete countertops by Trueform Concrete


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