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Concrete ADA Sink

Concrete ADA Sink unit

Trueform Concrete has created a concrete sink that answers the need for stylish ADA compliant sinks for designers, architects and homeowners.  Most ADA sinks are unattractive and not simple to deal with.   Keep in mind that this unit can be used in a setting where ADA compliance does not apply. This sink meets the ADA requirements in leg clearances, accessibility, and finished height but remain stylish and user-friendly.   This sink unit is extremely light and simple to assemble.  The concrete sink is a precast GFRC  sink and the base is constructed of blackened plate steel.

A side note about GFRC:  This means that the sink will be a fraction of the weight of a traditional concrete sink, and will have a very high flexural strength to it.  GFRC is being used in many areas of residential and commercial projects.  The reason is that GFRC can be cast in larger and lighter pieces.  This allows the projects to become more complex and still be manageable for the end user as well as the manufacturer.  Crating, shipping, unloading, and installing all becomes easier.  For these reasons, most of the concrete industry is turning to GFRC products.

So… back to the sink.  The sink sits right on top of the steel base and the base get screwed into the wall with three screws.   If there was a need for the sink to float, Trueform can supply the home owner or contractor with the appropriate floating sink brackets and instruction sheets on how to mount them.  The ADA compliant sink comes in 8 standard color options and could also be custom matched to just about any color.  Color matching is an amazing option that only concrete affords.   The sink offers some vanity room as well.   The sink is offset to the right side leaving you a place to put your personal items while you freshen up.  So where does the water drain?  We have finally eliminated the annoying and unsanitary water catch pan.  From the top view, you will see the water drain into the 1” slat opening.  Once it drops into the slat, the drain transforms the traditional “slot” drain into a standard 1 ¼” plumbing tail pipe right inside the concrete.   Plumbing this sink is simple.  Just screw the 1 ¼” pipe (provided by us) into the bottom of the sink and connect to the P-trap.  It is that simple and mindless.  As for the faucet, you can select how from 0 – 3 holes depending on what the faucet configuration is.  The added rocks are just a nice decorative touch to create this peaceful exit of the water from the sink basin.

ada sink

ADA compliant bathroom sink

ada bathroom sink

ADA Compliant bathroom sink

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