26 Concrete Sinks for a Brooklyn, NY Condo Complex

There seems to be a buzz about using concrete for larger scaled commercial, hospitality, and residential applications.  We have had the opportunity to bid and be granted several larger scaled hospitality and residential jobs using concrete for the bathroom sinks. Trueform Concrete recently completed a large concrete sink order from a condominium complex in Brooklyn, NY. The client spotted our work at a trade show and really liked the look of our Vallum bathroom sink. Custom sink bases were fabricated to accept the concrete sink that would sit on top. Because all but two of the sinks were the same size, we were able to create 3 master molds that were reusable and would disassemble and reassemble quickly. We had to pour a minimum of 3 sinks per day to meet the quick turn around time for the project. Concrete is not the kind of material that allows for a fast turnaround time due to the customization of each project, but when you have a large enough order, we can tweak the process and manufacturing techniques to move the product through more efficiently. The total number of concrete sinks was 26 and all were in the Classic finish and in the color Storm.


Sinks laid out in the shop getting processed


Sinks just finished down


Wet sanding and preparing the sinks – getting the job done

packaging sinks

Sinks getting packaged up and ready for delivery

sinks in truck

All 26 sinks loaded into the truck for delivery

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